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Ranjit Mondal and Associates Law Firm provide services in various fields like divorce case, property registration, title searching, documents verifications, civil suits, consumer cases and many more..

Mutual Divorce

We have experts,  experienced and best lawyers for Mutual Divorce in Kolkata and providing mutual divorce service with reasonable cost in specific time frame in all District Courts in West Bengal. Our best legal advisors for divorce law will guide you every time through out your entire case proceedings.

Divorce Case

In the last decade, there has been an explosion of divorce cases all over India. Marital relations are not always happy, although there are many reasons behind this. But Post Corona has added a new dimension in Divorce case. Fighting divorce cases requires a skilled, professional and knowledgeable lawyer ..

Family Law

Family Courts established with a view to secure speedy settlement of, disputes relating to matrimonial issues and connected matters therewith. There are also several personal laws related to family matters like Hindu Law, Mohammedan Law, The Special Marriage Act, The Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act and Christian Marriage and Divorce Act. We have specialised advocates for fighting the above cases..

Civil Suits

The suits of civil in nature  like Partition Suit, Declaration Suit, Ejection Suit, Money Suit, Tenancy Suit are very common in India and to handle these types of Property disputes may be immovable or movable, require a professional and knowledgeable expert lawyer to deal with the same.

144(2), 107, 498a etc. of Cr.PC

S. 144 (2) and S. 107 of Cr.p.c. is assigned to maintain the public peace and tranquility in different places. Section 125 of the Cr.P.C. is the Order for maintenance of wives, children and parents, person may be imprisoned for unpaid maintenance. S.498A and PWDV Act are for woman to get proper justice for the cruelty and torture and we carefully handle with all kinds of Criminal cases like 144 (2), 107, 498a, 125 of Cr.Pc, Domestic Violence

Property Registration

FWe have vast experiences in land, flat any kind property Registration matters including Flats, Lands, resale property, co-operative property, power of attorney registration in Kolkata, West Bengal and committed to do entire process for registration of property within specific time period with a very cost effective way.

Stay Oder & Injunction

An Injunction is remedy for preventing wrongs and preserving rights. It is a judicial process whereby a party is ordered to restrain from doing or to do a particular act or thing. In other word the object of the process of injunction is both preventive and protective. There are many types of Injunction under Indian Legal System and Ranjit Mondal and Associates is providing best services regarding any kind of Civil Litigations..

Tax, GST, Income Tax etc.

Taxation is one of the most essential areas of legal services in India, and it can only be handled by Income Tax/GST lawyers who are highly certified, knowledgeable, and experienced. On the other hand another field of legal services that can only be handled by professionals is tax litigation. In this scenario we are one of the best and top leading firm to solve your any kind of Tax/GST related queries and problems.

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