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Ranjit Mondal (Lawyer)

Property Registration Lawyer

Mr. Ranjit Mondal is the best property registration lawyer in Kolkata amongst our best lawyers in Kolkata. He is practising in the city of Kolkata since 2010. His area of practice is real estate property law. He is the best real estate lawyer in Kolkata. He helps clients with Property registration on land property law.

Property Registration in India is Mandatory. Registration of property in India is compulsory. For consideration of legal ownership. The protection of state against any infringement of right of owner on property. When you search online land lawyers near me, he is the best option.

He assists our clients in every step of the property registering process. He provides full support to our clients while they are purchasing any property. He ensures their interests are protected at every stage. He assists in Registration of Land, Flats, House, Factories etc. He is one of the top land attorneys in Kolkata.

He helps clients in due diligence while buying the property of his choice. He prepares the report and make clients understand the implications of issues involved. He tries to present clients with a true picture of the property’s history. In that way clients will be in a better position to make decisions on buying the property. He handles deed of gift, land, property registration with affordable fees. 

Apurba Mondal (Lawyer)

Mutual Divorce Lawyer

Mr. Apurba Mondal is the best mutual divorce lawyer in Kolkata amongst our best lawyers in Kolkata. He is an Advocate registered under the Bar Council Kolkata High Court. He is having an experience of years at the bar. His area of expertise lies in Divorce cases. He has an exceptional track record in cases of Divorce through mutual consent amongst top lawyers in Kolkata. He has helped hundreds of people in the dissolution of marriage by mutual consent. 

Mutual consent Divorce is under Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1995. The process of Mutual consent divorce is more simple than Contested Divorce. It is less time- consuming and hence called inexpensive divorce. In Kolkata uncontested divorce cost is reasonable. The process of mutual divorce online is very easy provided by our lawyers in Kolkata. When searching online for an uncontested divorce attorney near me, he is one of the best The process of mutual divorce online is very easy provided by our lawyers in Kolkata.

When both the parties are not living together and also there is no intention to live as husband and wife in future. Then the parties can jointly file the petition for mutually agreed Divorce. In the case of Mutual consent divorce, there is a need for one year of separation. The court needs to be satisfied with this fact. There is no strict need for living in different locations but not living as husband and wife would suffice. Along with this fact, the court should be satisfied that there is no scope for reconciliation among the parties. 

Sajal Kumar Ray (Sr. Lawyer)

Criminal and Civil Lawyer

Mr. Sajal Kumar Ray is a lawyer based in Kolkata. He is having experience of more than 30 years practising before various courts and forums across India. He has been entrusted with high-stakes matters by clients. His expertise in civil and criminal matters, makes him one of the best criminal lawyers in Kolkata.

He specialises in matters of Divorce, especially contested divorce matters. It is when you search online the divorce attorney near me, no doubt he is one of the best divorce lawyers in Kolkata. He is known to devise strategies which provide quick disposition of complex contested divorce cases. People going through the process of divorce understand the trauma of the whole process. It makes the life of the person standstill till the decree of divorce is passed by the honourable court.

He will help you with the best strategy according to your situation. It will help you in setting yourself free in the least possible time. With his experience and expertise, he can assist you in related matters of Child custody, Maintenance, and Property rights.

He has a 100% case disposal rate in uncontested and contested divorces. It shows his competence and skill in his area of expertise. He is available to act as a contested divorce lawyer online and guide clients or an advocate based in another city. He appears in various courts as one of the best family court lawyers in Kolkata.

Shilajit Mondal (Associate)

Legal Drafting Law Associate

Mr. Shilajit Mondal is a Law Associate based in Kolkata. He works with some of the top senior conveyancing lawyers in Kolkata as well as best lawyers in Kolkata and is also well known for drafting and carrying out a variety of agreements that safeguard the interests of parties.

In order to save time on travel, he also offers these services online under the direction of the best senior conveyancing lawyers in Kolkata. He drafts and negotiates a variety of drafting and conveyancing, includin1. Rent Agreement, 2. Terms of Lease, 3. Property Sale Agreement, 4. Tenant Agreement, 5. Sale and Purchase, Agreement, 6. Vehicle Sale Agreement, 7. Real Estate Sales Contract, 8. Buyer Seller Agreement etc.

Mr Shilajit Mondal Draft Affidavits for Court Proceedings. It acts as evidence on certain matters on behalf of our clients. He drafts Statutory Declarations on behalf of the clients. It needed before any government authorities. He Keeps in mind that the words used in writing state the true fact without ambiguity. He effortlessly provides rent agreement online in Kolkata.

Mr Shilajit Mondal is a person who notices and works on minute details while drafting or reviewing any document. In this sense, he is a perfectionist. 

He is quick in delivering his work. Most of the time he will deliver the document within 24 hours. He is reliable and committed person who is dedicated to provide best legal documentation and notary services to his clients.

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