Why do clients select our law firm as the best divorce and property advocates in Kolkata?

Our attention to detail makes us the best lawyers in Kolkata. We intend to provide legal services without any hassle. This is the reason we provide many services online which saves the time of clients in travel. We serve our clients in diverse areas with integrity and probity. Our priority has always been to serve the people and help them with their legal problems with ease.

Welcome to our website. Since you are here we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a Law firm dedicated to providing the best lawyers in Kolkata. We dedicate and commit ourselves to provide top-notch legal services to our clients. For us, the client’s interests are the only thing that guides our actions. We provide the best and most affordable legal services in Kolkata.

We have the best property registration lawyers in Kolkata. We are property law firms in Kolkata. We provide full support to our clients while they are purchasing any property. Our best lawyer in Kolkata helps you with land title verification online to search the title.

We have the best property lawyer in Kolkata. We ensure the protection of their interests at every stage. We help in the Registration of all kinds of immovable properties. Some of the properties which we help in registering regularly are;

1. Land,

2. Flats,

3. House,

4. Factories.

We provide best suited legal advice before buying a property in Kolkata. We help our clients in conducting due diligence and preparing a ‘Title report’ on the property. The ‘title report’ gives the correct status of the property. We prepare this report for the client’s understanding. It helps them in understanding the implications of the issues involved.

We present the true picture of the property’s history so that they are in a better position to decide on it. We help in verifying the property history. It will save the new buyer from the liabilities of the previous owner.

We check whether the property under consideration is free from previous property tax. We verify the property for loan collateral. We verify 12-30 years of history of Property or as per the need. We help in preparing a title report to give the correct status of the property.

We provide legal help in real estate development projects. We provide developers and buyers with the best real estate lawyer in Kolkata.

We help our clients with registering Power of Attorney. It is essential for giving legal authority to the person of your choice. We help you by providing best lawyers in Kolkata.

We also help in resolving disputes related to the property in Kolkata. To ensure your security of property you need best property lawyer in Kolkata.

We comprise the best Family lawyers in Kolkata. We understand the intricacies of family disputes. Our experience helps us in taking the best approach based on facts and circumstances of each case. In case of divorce, we take the least time-consuming approach for our clients. We provide the best divorce lawyers in Kolkata for;

1. Divorce on Mutual consent and

2. Contested divorce.

In cases of a contested divorce, our approach is to keep the intricacies of family relations in mind. This approach ensured that damage to relations is minimal during the process of Divorce. We ensure that the whole process of divorce takes less toll on the relations and finances of our client.

We tell and devise strategies for our clients in matters of Maintenance and Alimony. We ensure that our client’s interests are well taken care of in this matter. We help in cases where Maintenance is sought even when there is no divorce. For example under Section 125 Criminal procedure Code and section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act.

Our mutual divorce attorney assists our clients in their process of mutual separation. We help in filing the joint petition before the Honourable Court. We try to ensure our client’s interest is protected. We try to get the Cooling period waived off for our clients who are sure of their decision. This ensures they can get on in their lives as soon as possible. Our mutual consent divorce lawyer assist in divorce cases of all religions and nationalities in India.

We help Start-up and Companies with their legal issues. We are a firm believer that Startups are most crucial for economic growth in India. We provide all legal services at a minimal cost to Startups across sectors. Some of the services that we offer to Startups are;

• Incorporation services,

• Compliance services,

• Tax services,

• Contacts services, and

• Intellectual property services.

We work with Startups in realising their vision and growth.

We provide clients with tax-related services. We help individual persons as well as legal entities in filling out taxes. It is mandatory to pay taxes to prevent penalties from government authorities. We provide companies and individuals income tax filing services.

Our top lawyers in kolkata also provide the filing of indirect taxes like GST. Our services include filing taxes on income and corporate tax and GST. We also provide risk assessment and compliance services in the tax domain. We also represent clients in tax litigation.

We provide the best Affidavits and Declarations services providers in Kolkata. We Draft Affidavits for our clients to be submitted before a Court of law. We also draft Statutory Declarations to be submitted before government authorities. We write these documents keeping in mind the words used to state the fact without any ambiguity.

Our best advocate in Kolkata provide Notary Services to our clients. They verify the authenticity and attest it to the execution of the instrument. We provide complete Notarisation services which include authentication, certification, and attestation of documents.

Our intention to serve and our Approach to legal problems makes us unique as a law firm in Kolkata. We practice law as a Noble Profession. It was also envisaged by our Great freedom fighters in our constitution. Hope to serve you.

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