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Welcome to our website. Since you are here we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a Law firm dedicated to providing the best lawyer in Kolkata for divorce and property registration. We dedicate and commit ourselves to provide top-notch legal services to our clients. For us, the client’s interests are the only thing that guides our actions. We provide the best and most affordable legal services in Kolkata.

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We have the best property registration lawyers in Kolkata. We are property law firms in Kolkata. We provide full support to our clients while they are purchasing any property. Our best lawyer in Kolkata helps you with land title verification online to search the title of property. We have the best property lawyer in Kolkata. We ensure the protection of their interests at every stage. We help in the Registration of all kinds of immovable properties. Scan the QR code or click on the QR code for free online lawyer consultation kolkata to speak with an attorney online.

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About Our Law Firm

best lawyer in kolkata for property registration

We are one of Kolkata's top law firms, with top divorce attorneys and property advocates.

Our attention to detail makes us the best lawyers in Kolkata. We intend to provide legal services without any hassle. This is the reason we provide many services online which saves the time of clients in travel. We serve our clients in diverse areas with integrity and probity. Our priority has always been to serve the people and help them with their legal problems with ease.

We provide best suited legal advice before buying a property in Kolkata. We help our clients in conducting due diligence and preparing a ‘Title report’ on the property. The ‘title report’ gives the correct status of the property. We prepare this report for the client’s understanding. It helps them in understanding the implications of the issues involved.

Our mutual divorce attorney assists our clients in their process of mutual separation. We help in filing the joint petition before the Honourable Court. We try to ensure our client’s interest is protected. We try to get the Cooling period waived off for our clients who are sure of their decision. This ensures they can get on in their lives as soon as possible. Our mutual consent divorce lawyer assist in divorce cases of all religions and nationalities in India.

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Sajal Kumar Ray

Criminal and Civil Lawyer

Mr. Sajal Kumar Ray is a lawyer based in Kolkata. He is having experience of more than 30 years practising before various courts and forums across India. He has been entrusted with high-stakes matters by clients. His expertise lies in civil and criminal matters.

He specialises in matters of Divorce, especially contested divorce matters. It is when you search online the divorce attorney near me, no doubt he is the best Divorce lawyer in Kolkata. He is known to devise strategies which provide quick disposition of complex contested divorce cases. People going through the process of divorce understand the trauma of the whole process. It makes the life of the person standstill till the decree of divorce is passed by the honourable court.

He will help you with the best strategy according to your situation. It will help you in setting you free in the least possible time. With his experience and expertise, he can assist you in related matters of Child custody, Maintenance and Property rights.

He has a 100% case dispose rate in uncontested and contested divorce. It shows his competence and skill in his area of expertise. He is available to act as a contested divorce lawyer online and guide clients or an advocate based in another city. He appears in various courts as family court lawyer.

Apurba Mondal

Divorce Lawyer

Mr. Apurba Mondal is an Advocate registered under the Bar Council Kolkata High Court. He is having an experience of years at the bar. His area of expertise lies in Divorce cases. Mr Apurba Mondal is the best Mutual Divorce Lawyer in Kolkata. He has an exceptional track record in cases of Divorce through mutual consent. He has helped hundreds of people in the dissolution of marriage by mutual consent.

Mutual consent Divorce is under Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1995. The process of Mutual consent divorce is more simple than Contested Divorce. It is less time- consuming and hence called inexpensive divorce. In Kolkata uncontested divorce cost is reasonable. The process of mutual divorce online in easy in Kolkata. When search online uncontested divorce attorney near me, he is the best of all.

When both the parties are not living together and also there is no intention to live as husband and wife in future. Then the parties can jointly file the petition for mutually agreed Divorce. In the case of Mutual consent divorce, there is a need for one year of separation. The court needs to be satisfied with this fact. There is no strict need for living in different locations but not living as husband and wife would suffice. Along with this fact, the court should be satisfied that there is no scope for reconciliation among the parties. 

Ranjit Mondal

Real Estate Attorney

Mr. Ranjit Mondal is an Advocate practising in the city of Kolkata since 2010. His area of practice is real estate property law. His expertise is in real estate laws. He is the best real estate lawyer in Kolkata. He helps clients with Property registration land property law.

He is the best conveyancing lawyer in Kolkata.

Property Registration in India is Mandatory. Registration of property in India is compulsory. For consideration of legal ownership. The protection of state against any infringement of right of owner on property. When you search online land lawyers near me, he is the best option.

He assists our clients in every step of the property registering process. He provides full support to our clients while they are purchasing any property. He ensures their interests are protected at every stage. He assists in Registration of Land, Flats, House, Factories etc. He is one of the top land attorneys in Kolkata.

He helps clients in due diligence while buying the property of his choice. He prepares the report and make clients understand the implications of issues involved. He tries to present clients with a true picture of the property’s history. In that way clients will be in a better position to make decisions on buying the property. He handles deed of gift land registry. 

Shilajit Mondal

Legal Drafting Law Associate

Mr. Shilajit Mondal is a Law Associate based in Kolkata. He is well known for Drafting various Agreements protecting the interest of parties. 

He also provides these services online to save time for travelling. Some of the Agreements that he drafts and negotiates are 1. Rent Agreement 2. Terms of Lease, 3. Property Sale Agreement, 4. Tenant Agreement, 5. Sale and Purchase Agreement, 6. Vehicle Sale Agreement, 7. Real Estate Sales Contract, 8. Buyer Seller Agreement etc.

Mr Shilajit Mondal Draft Affidavits for Court Proceedings. It acts as evidence on certain matters on behalf of our clients. He drafts Statutory Declarations on behalf of the clients. It needed before any government authorities. He Keeps in mind that the words used in writing state the true fact without ambiguity. He effortlessly provides rent agreement online in Kolkata.

Mr Shilajit Mondal is a person who notices and works on minute details while drafting or reviewing any document. In this sense, he is a perfectionist. 

He is quick in delivering his work. Most of the time he will deliver the document within 24 hours. He is reliable and committed person who is dedicated to provide best legal documentation and notary services to his clients.

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The most popular services we offer:

Meet the legal team with over a decade of experience in property and divorce laws in India. Our famous and best lawyers in Kolkata are always happy to help you.

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We encourage law students to join our team as interns so they can learn about various legal specialties during their initial stage of hands-on training in this field.

Practice Areas

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Property Registry

Property Registration in India is Mandatory. Registration of property in India is compulsory to be considered legal owner and available the protection of state against any infringement of right of owner on property. We assist our clients in every step of property registering process. We provide full support to our clients while they are purchasing any property. We also provide online land registration, plot registration and Flat/Unit Registration or transfer services. We ensure their interest are protected at every stage. We assist in Registration of Land, Flats, House, Factories etc by being present physically.

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Title Report

We assist our clients while buying the property of their choice. We try to present them true picture of the property’s history so that they can be better position to take decision on it. Title refers to rights arising out of ownership of immovable property. Ex: we check whether the property under consideration is free from previous property tax, whether it is a loan collateral for loan taken by the previous owner. we verify 12-30 years history of Property or as per need. We combine Ownership Details, Chain of title, Derivation of ownership right and construction in a title report. We assist clients in obtaining a No Encumbrance Certificate.

best lawyer in kolkata for mutual divorce

Divorce Law

We assist our clients in their process of divorce by mutual consent under Hindu law. For mutual divorce both husband and wife file joint petition before the Honourable Court. We ensure our client’s interest . We also guide you with mutual divorce procedure. We provide mutual divorce online services. We try to get Cooling period waived off for our clients who are clear and sure of their decision. This ensures they can get on in their lives quickly. We assist in divorce cases of in India, Ex: divorce under: Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Special Marriage Act 1954. Mutual consent divorce is necessary to get judicial separation peacefully.

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Civil Law

Civil Disputes directly affects our finances whether it is matrimonial disputes or any consumer law case. Disputes arising out of Breach of Contract, Negligence, Torts are some of the frequent civil disputes in which we protect our clients interests. We provide our services according to jurisdiction of civil courts. We provide services on matters related to Family law, Contract law, Property Rights, Sports law, Tax law, consumer law. Most frequent of them are, property disputes, We believe in protecting our clients interest by providing effective legal solutions on all the civil disputes of our clients.

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Maintenance Law

We advise and devise strategies for our clients in matters of Maintenance and Alimony while separation or otherwise. We ensure that our clients interests are protected in this matter such as spousal maintenance. We deal cases related to Maintenance or Alimony where a client is in need of support from spouse after Divorce or judicial separation. We also deal in case where Maintenance is sought even when there is no divorce for example under Section 125 Criminal procedure Code and section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act.

Best conveyancing and deed drafting lawyer in Kolkata

Legal Drafting

We draft legal documents for our clients for all their needs. We applies law to the facts of a situation to drafting legal documents such as legal agreements, contracts, legal notices, Sales deed, Gift deed, drafting a will etc. Drafting in law is necessary in any legal matter. We understand the need of the situation and provide our clients with suitable legal document which will protect their interest. Some of the commonly drafted deeds for our clients are Sale Deed, Lease Deed, Gift Deed, Mortgage Deed, Trust Deed etc.

Tax and GST Lawyer in Kolkata

Tax & GST

Tax needs to be paid by person as well as any legal entity to contribute towards nation building. Also it is mandatory to pay taxes to prevent penalties from government authorities. We provide companies and individuals with filing direct as well as indirect taxes such as GST. Our services includes filing taxes on income and corporate tax(tax on the income of a Company), GST (goods and services tax). We also provide risk assessment and compliance services in tax domain. We also represent clients in tax litigation according to income tax rules in India.

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Criminal Law

Our criminal law practice includes, defending our clients in the courts, obtaining Anticipatory Bail, Writ petitions, Special Leave Petitions etc. We believe in protecting clients from arrest, detention or custody in criminal matters such as IPC 498a etc. Our strategy always remains to protect client’s freedom from the beginning. We specialises in Bail matters. Some common crime cases Robbery, Domestic violence etc. We also represent clients in cases arising from Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, National security Act, 1980, etc.

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Ranjit Mondal and Associates Legal Firm is considered as one of the best law firms in Kolkata because of its mastery of perfection. Our famous and top divorce lawyer and best property lawyer are highly regarded. With a keen focus on learning and being highly skilled in varying civil matters, including the most critical property disputes, civil litigation, criminal matters, and divorce matters, matrimonial disputes.

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We experienced advocates serve our clients with honesty and integrity in a variety of fields. Our top priority has always been to serve the people and make their legal problems as simple as possible.

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Our knowledge aids us in carefully assessing the facts and circumstances of each case to determine the best course of action. We are proud of the reputations of our renowned divorce and property attorneys.

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From beginning to end, we provide the best and most affordable legal services in Kolkata. We intend to provide legal services without difficulty.

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Very helpful and knowledgeable legal team for inexpensive divorce process. My close relative got assistance from them for dissolution of marriage by mutual consent.
Karan Sani
The conveyancing lawyer provided quick service and expert legal counsel that were both helpful. ideal for addressing any questions about real estate property law. I'm grateful.
Incredibly sympathetic and professional in their actions and results. I am very satisfied with the service I received for the property sale agreement and deed of sale.
Sunil Khan


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